Nothing to be desired

Four cabs in seven variants for maximum comfort

For the driver in long-distance transport the truck is a workplace, a living area and a place to sleep all rolled into one. When the driver is operating comfortably, the freight forwarder benefits too: anyone who is fit and relaxed drives more efficiently, is ill less often and is generally more content – decisive factors in times of a growing driver shortage. Mercedes-Benz took all of this as its point of reference when developing the new Actros. The result is a cab that leaves nothing to be desired.

The top version is GigaSpace, with an exterior width of 2,500 millimetres and headroom of 2,130 millimetres between the seats. With an identical width, BigSpace offers headroom of 1,990 millimetres. Both cabs are standard-fit with a level floor. The particularly aerodynamic StreamSpace cab was specially optimised for low consumption. It is available in two different variants with differing headroom in widths of 2,300 or 2,500 millimetres. The offerings are supplemented by the ClassicSpace cab, which also comes in two variants.

All easily accessible – in the ideally configured cockpit

What first catches the eye in the cab workplace is the ergonomic instrument support, which makes the driver the focus of activity. All controls in the cab are positioned where one would intuitively expect them to be. The tachograph and tachometer casings form the central information interface – together with the easily legible TFT colour display for the instrument cluster. The standard-fit automated transmission Mercedes PowerShift 3 is now operated via the right-hand steering-column lever. This means that the gearshift console to the right of the driver’s seat can be omitted, making through-cab access to the co-driver’s side. The cruise control and limiter function in the new Actros is integrated into the multifunction steering wheel.

The seats have also been redeveloped. The seating surfaces are four centimetres wider, and at the same time the adjustment range for height, lengthwise and seat cushion inclination has become greater.

The new heating and air conditioning system has hot-water auxiliary heating. The system creates a pleasant living and working environment. In addition, residual heat utilisation can keep the cab warm with existing engine heat up to two hours after the engine has been switched off. A further module for climate control is the auxiliary air conditioning system, whose cold storage unit is now located underneath the cab floor.

Maximum living comfort and relaxing sleep

About 80 per cent of all trips in long distance transport are carried out without co-drivers. This fact prompted a revolutionary alternative: the SoloStar Concept in the new Actros omits the co-driver seat. Instead, a comfortable chair-like seat on the cab’s rear panel substantially enlarges the living space in the cab and offers the driver a comfortable place to take a rest. This concept is the only one to enable sitting in the cab with legs stretched out.

The main bed in the new Actros is always at bottom level. With the conventional seating arrangement it can remain folded out during the trip – unless more space is required. In such a case, the main bed can be simply folded up parallel to the back panel. With a length of 2.2 metres and a width of 75 centimetres, it offers more room than ever before. The best conditions for a healthy and relaxing sleep are provided by the standard-fit comfort mattress made of cold foam with seven zones.

More information on the new Actros in the webspecial

The Log

03.07 00:21
After traveling for more than 10,000 km, the Record Run 2011 of three Mercedes-Benz trucks reached its destination at midnight.

02.07 16:57
It is 4:57 p.m. in Peine, and the Actros Record Run 2011 will soon go into its final round.

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